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About the Artist: Yuliya Gabriella is an artist from Kazakhstan, living and working in Dallas, Texas. Yuliya is known for her contemporary art, which features secret messages written in binary codes, as well as complex 3D artworks that engage the viewer on a deeper level. Drawing inspiration from philosophy, sacred geometry, and quantum physics, Yuliya’s art aims to inspire the viewer to establish a profound connection with themselves and the world around them.

N.G. We appreciate your participation! Before we begin, our audience is curious to learn more about you. Could you please share your “backstory” and what inspired you to pursue this career?

Y.G. Looking back at my career it seems to be all over the place, but I’m grateful for every step of it which led me to the place where I am at nowadays, being able to create and unlock my potential. Before moving to US in 2013, I used to live in China, Beijing. I was working as a buyer for international companies sourcing various products ranging from clothes and accessories to restaurant supplies and medical equipment. When I moved to California, I created personal shopping and styling agency working with clients from Europe. In 2019 I felt that I want to transition into a more creative space and I designed the fully adjustable lingerie collection for my brand Bed Behaved that is meant to empower women and embrace the natural bodies of all sizes. At the same time I wanted to merge my two passions: fashion design and art, and I started to create hand-painted leather and denim jackets with spirit animals’ art on the back of the jacket. Being noticed at Los Angeles Fashion Week in 2020 gave me more confidence to pursue the wearable art career. Early 2021, one of my clients asked me to create the custom art piece on canvas, that’s when I had the idea to expand my art line from wearable pieces to contemporary art, using mixed media on canvas.

Yuliya Gabriella process 2 Artezza Curators 1 e1699296985677

N.G. Tell us more about your clients and what they appreciate most about your art pieces. Are you able to accommodate custom orders as well?

Y.G. My artwork is a fusion of kineticism and color therapy, abstraction, and spirituality, where each element is intertwined, creating pieces that evoke emotions and stimulate the senses. Art for me is a form of artist sharing with the viewer. It can be an emotion, or a memory, or a story. It can raise questions, or make statements. 

My artworks bring peace of mind to the viewers, connecting them with their deeper self, inspiring them to always keep becoming a better version of themselves, to keep manifesting a better life for both themselves, and human society in general. Collectors love my artworks for being perfect ‘conversation pieces’.

Alongside the artwork available for purchase, I also offer commissions for my clients. The commission process begins with a conversation with the client, where we discuss basic details such as the desired size, color palette, and the meaning they want to incorporate into the artwork.

N.G. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges faced by emerging artists?

Y.G. Emerging artists face several challenges as they try to establish themselves in the art world. Building a name and reputation in the art industry can be difficult. It’s challenging to get noticed and gain recognition when you are just starting. Artists also need to promote and market themselves, which can be a significant challenge if they lack experience in self-promotion and branding. There’s often a delicate balance between creating art for personal fulfillment and creating art that sells. Finding this balance can be challenging for emerging artists.  Developing a unique artistic voice that stands out from the crowd is a continuous challenge. It takes time to refine one’s style and make a distinct mark in the art world.

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Art by Yuliya Gabriella

N.G. How Dallas Fashion Week is helping your business? 

Y.G. Dallas Fashion Week serves as an exceptional platform for emerging artists, offering them a unique opportunity to both foster a sense of community and gain exposure within the local market. This event not only provides a stage for artists to showcase their work but also presents an invaluable chance to refine their craft in the high-energy environment of fast-paced shows. During the week, artists must adeptly prepare and set up their artwork in various locations, a demanding but rewarding endeavor.

N.G. What are the key considerations for Fashion Designers participating in their First Fashion Week

Y.G. I can only say considerations from artists perspective, – I would say good planning is the key. Not only planning which artwork you want to showcase, but also understanding the logistics of the event, including set-up and breakdown times, and any specific guidelines provided by the organizers. Having an assistant or a supportive team can be a game-changer. They can help with setting up your showcase area, managing the packaging of the artwork, and providing assistance during the event itself. This support allows you to focus on your creative process and networking. Make the most of the event by networking with fellow artists and designers, industry professionals, and potential clients. Be prepared to talk about your creative process and the meaning behind your designs. This storytelling can help establish a connection between your audience and your work.

N.G. Share with us your favorite brands and what makes them stand out in your opinion? 

Y.G. I have always had a deep love for fashion and styling. My favorite brands range from small local businesses to globally renowned ones, but they all share a common trait: a commitment to quality.  As in artwork, so in fashion, quality is the most important thing for me. For example, Dylanlex – statement jewelry brand from New York. Each piece is hand assembled in NY and LA of local, deadstock and found components from all over the world. Another brand that I absolutely love is Nick Fouquet – a hat designer from Los Angeles, his designs are like no other, perfect statement piece. Another brand that I fell in love with immediately after I discovered it – Jacques Marie Mage eyewear, where you feel the quality of the craftsmanship in every tiny detail.

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Art by Yuliya Gabriella

N.G. Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

Y.G. My favorite quotes have always changed to suit the different stages of my life. Currently, my favorite quote is from Leonardo Da Vinci: “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” This quote resonates with me because there are always opportunities for improvement in various aspects of life, including work, relationships, personal development, parenting, knowledge, etc. Witnessing personal growth in all these areas is incredibly satisfying.

N.G. How can our readers follow you online?

Y.G. To stay connected with us online, kindly follow our brand on Instagram. We are excited to collaborate with new clients and look forward to engaging with our readers.

Instagram:  @yuliya.gabriella

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