Dallas Fashion Week
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Fashion With Purpose

Dallas Fashion Week

Welcome to a Dallas Fashion Week! From New York to London, Paris to Milan, cities around the world are hosting fashion weeks to showcase some of the most innovative and creative designs in the industry.  Dallas is a city with undeniable fashion potential. From its vibrant cultural heritage to its active art and fashion community, Dallas deserves to be recognized as an international fashion destination.

Dallas Fashion Week it’s a new international platform that creates a bridge between fashion designers, artists, and the US market. The mission of this event is to connect the local and world’s hottest emerging and established designers with visibility and opportunities, providing valuable resources that enable designers to develop their businesses and embark on their global success journey.

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Dallas Fashion Week

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Dallas Fashion Week
Nataliya Nova, CEO of Dallas Fashion Week

Nataliya Nova

CEO, Dallas Fashion Week

Art, fashion, and charity are all incredibly important elements of our lives. From fashion trends to the artwork that adorns our walls and showcases our favorite stories and characters, these elements can bring us joy or express larger truths about the world we live in and provide a means of self-expression and opportunities for connection through creativity.  These elements provide something unique yet universal that can touch everyone on an emotional level and give us insight into who we are.


Ruta J. Laukien

Investment Banker, Private Collector

The fashion industry in Dallas has become a major part of the artistic and cultural identity of this community. Art fashion is not only an expression of creativity through clothing, but it is also an avenue for showcasing the diversity of cultures residing in the area. Through fashion, people are able to show off their originality and express their individual styles — providing a voice to the perspectives that may otherwise not be seen or heard. Fashion gives us the power to create and express our uniqueness as well as our interconnectedness and the importance it holds within our city.

Model Bianca Silva Bogdan is a member of Dallas Fashion Week

Bianca Sylvia Bogdan


Fashion can provide an important creative outlet for communities all over the world, particularly in places like Dallas. It allows people to express their individual style, tell stories, and be part of something bigger than themselves. Art fashion often combines music, fashion, fashion shows, and entertainment to create powerful experiences that can bring the community together while also offering individual growth opportunities. Art fashion has the potential to impact its participants emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually by sharing messages about beauty and integrity with a global audience.

Art and travel magazine publisher

Alexey Didigurov

Publisher of ″Art and Travel″ Magazine

Art has the power to change the world, while fashion can be used to make a statement and encourage positive social change, and empower disadvantaged communities. Art and fashion have created numerous opportunities for communities around the world, providing them with much-needed relief while still creating invaluable sources of joy and identity. As we continue moving forward into the future they will be invaluable tools in furthering our mission of creating a better world for everyone.


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    Dallas Fashion Week


    Dallas Fashion Week
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